What is SFDA Certificate?

What is SFDA Certificate?

It is a governmental certificate issued by the Saudi Food and Drug Authority (SFDA) to prove (certify) that a product or a company has complied with the required safety, efficacy, and quality standards set by the SFDA. E.g. when a company submits a drug file according to the SFDA registration requirements, and it gets approved, then the company receives a registration certificate similar to the one in the below image.

Products regulated by SFDA are human food, medicine (drugs or Pharmaceuticals), and medical devices. In addition to cosmetics, animal health, forage, and pesticides. Read more: SFDA products registration.

Commercial activities related to those products are also regulated by SFDA. Therefore, they are granted certificates when they comply with the standards and related regulations.

Manufacturers, warehouses, distributors, and consultancy companies have to comply with the SFDA regulations, apply for approvals, get inspected, then granted an SFDA certificate.

Example of a drug SFDA certificate:

SFDA certificate drug approval example